Source code for cattrs.errors

from typing import Optional, Set, Type

from cattrs._compat import ExceptionGroup

[docs]class StructureHandlerNotFoundError(Exception): """Error raised when structuring cannot find a handler for converting inputs into :attr:`type_`.""" def __init__(self, message: str, type_: Type) -> None: super().__init__(message) self.type_ = type_
[docs]class BaseValidationError(ExceptionGroup): cl: Type def __new__(cls, message, excs, cl: Type): obj = super().__new__(cls, message, excs) = cl return obj
[docs] def derive(self, excs): return ClassValidationError(self.message, excs,
[docs]class IterableValidationError(BaseValidationError): """Raised when structuring an iterable.""" pass
[docs]class ClassValidationError(BaseValidationError): """Raised when validating a class if any attributes are invalid.""" pass
[docs]class ForbiddenExtraKeysError(Exception): """Raised when `forbid_extra_keys` is activated and such extra keys are detected during structuring. The attribute `extra_fields` is a sequence of those extra keys, which were the cause of this error, and `cl` is the class which was structured with those extra keys. """ def __init__( self, message: Optional[str], cl: Type, extra_fields: Set[str] ) -> None: = cl self.extra_fields = extra_fields msg = ( message if message else f"Extra fields in constructor for {cl.__name__}: {', '.join(extra_fields)}" ) super().__init__(msg)