Source code for cattrs.preconf.cbor2

"""Preconfigured converters for cbor2."""
from datetime import date, datetime, timezone
from typing import Any, Type, TypeVar, Union

from cbor2 import dumps, loads

from cattrs._compat import AbstractSet

from ..converters import BaseConverter, Converter
from ..strategies import configure_union_passthrough

T = TypeVar("T")

[docs]class Cbor2Converter(Converter):
[docs] def dumps(self, obj: Any, unstructure_as: Any = None, **kwargs: Any) -> bytes: return dumps(self.unstructure(obj, unstructure_as=unstructure_as), **kwargs)
[docs] def loads(self, data: bytes, cl: Type[T], **kwargs: Any) -> T: return self.structure(loads(data, **kwargs), cl)
[docs]def configure_converter(converter: BaseConverter): """ Configure the converter for use with the cbor2 library. * datetimes are serialized as timestamp floats * sets are serialized as lists """ converter.register_unstructure_hook(datetime, lambda v: v.timestamp()) converter.register_structure_hook( datetime, lambda v, _: datetime.fromtimestamp(v, timezone.utc) ) converter.register_unstructure_hook(date, lambda v: v.isoformat()) converter.register_structure_hook(date, lambda v, _: date.fromisoformat(v)) configure_union_passthrough(Union[str, bool, int, float, None, bytes], converter)
[docs]def make_converter(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> Cbor2Converter: kwargs["unstruct_collection_overrides"] = { AbstractSet: list, **kwargs.get("unstruct_collection_overrides", {}), } res = Cbor2Converter(*args, **kwargs) configure_converter(res) return res